Did Jimmy Fallon and Lin-Manuel Miranda Just Create the Anthem for Summer 2018?

It’s Impossible to Watch This Video by Jimmy Fallon and Lin-Manuel Miranda Without Getting a Lot Happier

The best thing about Jimmy Fallon is his unbridled enthusiasm and deep appreciation for talented people. So for him to perform (and almost certainly write) with Lin-Manuel Miranda, the man that is considered to be one of the best composers, lyricists and playwrights of all time, guaranteed, Fallon was jumping up and down and belly laughing behind the scenes.

In this short thing of great video beauty, just uploaded to Fallon’s instagram account on Friday, Fallon doesn’t quite break a smile: but you can watch him *almost* die laughing the whole time, a la his Saturday Night Live break-into-laughter skits—which were his best ones.

SCENES Media is placing a bet that this song is in the running as the Anthem for the Summer 2018… not just because it is a completely original piece (in all ways!) written and performed by two of the greatest comedic and musical talents of our time, but also because there will be a healthy sampling of parody and re-shoots (and possibly re-rhymes) of “Goats on a Boat.” Who will be the first to create a parody? A parody, to be fair, of what is probably a parody of entertainers taking themselves too seriously. It’s all just too good. Share your version with SCENES.

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