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Blame It On Me: Adam Wakefield’s Soul-Filled Ballad

Watch Adam Wakefield perform live the heart-stirring song that he calls "his mom's favorite."

Adam Wakefield sings from his soul in this ballad for SCENES Live Sessions. In this true love song, the singer opens his heart and sacrificially volunteers to shoulder the blame in a relationship gone bad. We don’t know who was to blame in the demise of the relationship, or if there was a dramatic incident that prompted the fight. Sometimes, bitterness takes root inexplicably, and sometimes that is the most tragic end of love.

When have you had such a moment in your life when you had to admit, to yourself and others, your responsibility for things going awry to yourself and others? Was there a time when you volunteered to take the blame when you were not even sure of what you did wrong? How did it ultimately work out?

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