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Lesley Barth Sings from the Heart on SCENES Live Sessions

Lesley Barth sings her new folk song ‘Nashville’ and other originals from New York City on SCENES Live Sessions.

Folk singer, songwriter and recording artist Lesley Barth is our guest on SCENES Live Sessions. Tonight from New York City, she sings her new song “Nashville” and other originals that she wrote while anticipating her 30th birthday.

Lesley Barth and her entourage
Lesley: piano, guitar and vocals
Charles Ramsey: acoustic guitar, vocals, and Lesley’s husband
Chris Schultz: drums
Matt Cusack: bass
Alex Kerckhoff: lead guitar

Please be sure to click the video’s speaker button to turn on the sound. Lesley Barth takes audience reviews in good humor. She says someone called her style “depressing yet uplifting.” So click on the Facebook icon to tell her what you think!

Tomorrow, we feature another concert. Click here for the full SCENES Live Sessions Schedule and tune-in live!

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