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Politically Incorrect Predictions for 2018

All the good things to come and bad things that won’t that the news will never tell you because they want to make a buck off of scaring the crap out of you.

Newsflash – we will not die in a giant fireball this year! Nor will we be overrun by terrorists or illegal aliens – oh maybe UFOs, but that’s a whole other story.

Yet, in the weeks and months to come you will undoubtedly be inundated with predictions for all the horrible things that will occur this year. That’s because those are not actually authentic predictions at all but scare campaigns.

And they are designed to do two things – terrify you into watching or reading more and making you over RE-act in order to fulfill the agendas of others. These predictions have nothing to do with inspiring us to act responsibly to improve our lives and make to make the world a better place

As the old saying goes in journalism, follow the money, because those scaremongers ALL have agendas that will make them a boatload of cash. Not to name names but go ahead and Google sometime how much is generated from campaigns to prevent global warming or the billions that have been made off of global terror campaigns. We could all retire if we had a piece of that cash. But then we couldn’t sleep, even on mattresses full of all that cash, because we would know what we did to make it. Hmmm, I wonder how those culprits DO sleep.

Anyway, I digress.  There will assuredly be some tough times in the year to come as there always are, but here are ten things that I guarantee will or will not happen – all of which should shine a little light on your furrowed brow when the news gets you stressed out.

And mark my words my predictions will be 100 percent spot on.

  1. Not one person will die of global warming in America – or the rest of the world. But lots of people will die of lung cancer, contaminated water in third world countries where environmental groups warn against global warming but do little to help the poor.  Except for some amazing groups like the Red Cross who relieve human suffering above all else. Go Red Cross!
  2. North Korea will not blow up California, Alaska or Hawaii with a nuke. Kim Number Three pulls all these shenanigans to scare the rest of the world into giving him whatever he wants, just like his father and his father before him. But he will stop short of causing his own annihilation which is what would happen if he ever launched a real nuke at us or anyone else.
  3. The nation will not be overrun by immigrants who kill us all and spend all of our entitlement dollars. Plenty of our own homegrown Americans are already doing that. But we are finally starting to get a handle on it with reasonable prison and entitlement reform. Hopefully, we will do more of that this year.
  4. Polar bears will not become extinct – but maybe that stupid commercial that shows a single polar bear falling into the melting ice will go away. Jeez- why didn’t the people filming that commercial help the poor fella! Shame for shame.
  5. The U.S. economy will not crash. Well actually it might, but not enough to bring about the apocalypse. After all, this nation has never been sunk by tough times even in the worst of times – and damn it, it never will. Wouldn’t you like to hear that from someone just once? You just did.
  6. A whole new slew of people will make a whole lot of money off the booming crypto coin market that is slowly but surely moving beyond Bitcoin to real technologies for the transfer of money and information that will free us from the confines and controls of government and corporate robber barons.
  7. A worldwide pandemic will not kill us all. For years the idea of a superbug that wipes out a billon people or more has been floated in the media. It ain’t going to happen for a whole lot of reasons, with amazing advances in medicine only being one of them. From public hygiene to public availability of medical care in times of emergency in America, we are living in one of the healthiest nations in history.
  8. We will not have a revolution. Bottom line is that this nation is pretty much split down the middle politically right now. But it ALWAYS has been. It’s called a two party system. And for the most part we have to pick one of them to vote for. But on the upside more and more people are deciding to be politically independent which gives hope to divergent points of view from the powers that be.
  9. You will pay too much in taxes if you are middle class, but you really did just get a tax break. The poor always get a tax break and the rich get high priced accountants. But everyone else usually gets…well you know. But regardless of what you think of Donald Trump, you probably will pay less.
  10. Finally, this one is a total lock – a really stupid, morally bankrupt and depressing movie that nobody saw will be nominated for an academy award – and may even win. But it will just further promote the success of the cavalcade of independent studios and outlets popping up that will eventually take entertainment control out of the hands of a select group of totally deranged idiots in Tinseltown and give it back to everyday people who actually know and like a meaningful, well-told story.

Happy New Year, America!


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Chris Benguhe is a columnist and author of numerous non-fiction titles including "Beyond Courage: The 9 Principles of Heroism."
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