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Lena Stone Gets ‘Nervous’ and ‘Can’t Think Straight’ on SCENES Live Sessions

That's right. Lena Stone sings her flirting-method song ‘Nervous,’ her latest single ‘Can't Think Straight’ and more.

Singer, musician and songwriter Lena Stone is our guest on SCENES Live Sessions. She grew up in Carlisle, Massachusetts and ventured to Nashville for pop and country music stardom. Stone sings “Nervous” and her latest single “Can’t Think Straight.” She also explains the true story of “Christmas Lights” from her upcoming EP … and it isn’t about happy holidays.

Lena Stone

Now for the video. Please click the speaker button to turn on the sound. What do you think? Click the Facebook icon to let Lena Stone know!

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Anita Crane is a writer and editor at SCENES Media.
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