Hollywood Sex Abuse: Tear Down that Wall!

Could Corey Feldman’s campaign to name names in a new film actually expose Hollywood’s culture of sex abuse once and for all?

The dam has broken, and it’s all flooding out. Hollywood is a roiling sea of sexual abuse!

Not to pat myself on the back, but it was a few weeks ago here in my column  that I was one of the first to describe the Weinstein allegations as just the tip of an iceberg of abuse in Hollywood that included gay abuse and pedophilia.

Now the rest of the media is finally getting on board.

First there was the cavalcade of women coming forward to tell their stories of Weinstein’s alleged abuse. Then the emphasis shifted to a slew of other actors accused of misconduct with women. Then there was Kevin Spacey’s alleged victim coming forward to claim he had been sexually assaulted when he was a minor. Then just this week there appeared an actress who claims that Dustin Hoffman acted improperly when she was seventeen. And I am sure there are more to come.

Now it isn’t just about adult women anymore, as if that wouldn’t be bad enough. Nope, as I promised in my article over three weeks ago, the scope has expanded to expose a view of a Hollywood where underage children and adolescents are abused.

And I suspect, and hope that it will not be long before some smart journalists start looking beyond sexual abuse to other forms of corruption, malfeasance, and serious criminal acts and behaviors being committed and being covered up.

Or in the words of Corey Feldman last week on The Today Show: “I believe there is a lot of darkness in Hollywood right now, and I believe its been there for quite some time.”

Thank God finally a light is being shone on some of that darkness. It’s a very good thing.

Honestly I wasn’t sure that I would live to see the day when this would begin to finally happen. Much like the fall of the Berlin Wall, this is a liberation and exposure of evil. I can’t honestly believe it is finally happening. But I thank God that it is.

That being said we have a long way to go, and of course the old guard, just like the Communist regimes, will not go down without a fight. And that fight is going to get ugly. Actually it already has.

Feldman has been talking about abuse for years, and he has been ostracized and blackballed because of it. In fact, Barbara Walters had the temerity to call him out last year for “damaging” the entertainment industry.

Well Ms. Walters, you may as well call me out too. Because I am calling you out, and every other journalist, talking head and person who knows what goes on in Hollywood and says and does nothing.  You are either complicit, incompetent, or just don’t have the courage to confront Hollywood for what it is – a place where a culture of narcissism, greed, corruption and egoism exists at a level that puts Wall Street and Washington D.C to shame.  And the problem goes well beyond sexual abuse.

Now once again that doesn’t mean that everyone in Hollywood is like this. But just as in the Soviet Union, the powers that be direct a life of moral, soulless deprivation.

And the only way things are going to change is if it is exposed. But the problem is that Hollywood effectively controls the only watchdog that could lift the lid on it – the media. So how can the media effectively call out the media?

I guess it starts with people like me.  And maybe it culminates with everyone in that industry who knows it, or as Feldman referred to the “thousands of people out there who have this information.”

Well here I am today calling you: the thousands who know what goes on in Hollywood, all out to come forward. In whatever way you want, wherever and whoever you are! And maybe we can all bring down that wall.

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Chris Benguhe is a columnist and author of numerous non-fiction titles including "Beyond Courage: The 9 Principles of Heroism."
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  • Great article. I’m so happy to see all of this come out, finally. I am the editor of a publication in Arizona, but before that was I was living in Los Angeles, worked in the film industry and was married to an entertainment attorney. I was targeted by bosses, agents and others who were acquaintances of ours. Once, before my marriage, I had to run, fleeing, from a job interview. The prospective boss had a leather whip on his desk that he picked up and used to threaten me. This has been going on for a long, long time. It’s not just Hollywood, although that is a culture that nourishes abuse, it goes on wherever there are people who think they are too powerful to be outed or punished. The light that is now shining on these people is what needed to happen. Thank you!

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