Treehouse Sanctum

Life Comes from the Roots: Treehouse Sanctum

This fresh young, accomplished group makes big, bold, folky pop filled with singalong choruses and a heavy dose of country twang.

Hailing from Denver, Colorado, Treehouse Sanctum recently released its second album, Vivere, after years of playing live. The group is fronted by the duo of Sam and Danya LynnUptegrove.  The other members of the group are Andrew on drums, Ben on bass and Jeremy on lead guitar. The group has shared the stage with Brit folk-pop gods Mumford & Sons; America’s 21st century answer-to Pink Floyd, the legendary Flaming Lips; and West-Coast darlings Dawes.

The group may not share much musically with the Flaming Lips, but the other groups present the two sides of its music. Like Mumford & Sons the group makes big, bold, folky pop filled with singalong choruses and a heavy dose of country twang. From Dawes it draws a songwriting sensibility that puts songs at the center of its sound.

Vivere was recorded at The Keep in Denver. The team that helped the group shape the sound of this recording did an amazing job creating a crisp, dynamic soundscape that hearkens back to the classic heyday of the long playing vinyl album. The recording was co-produced by Grammy-nominated recording engineer Nick Sullivan and mastered by Grammy winner Jonathan Russell in Nashville.

The song “Pilot and Crew” from the new album was previously released in 2015. The song fits nicely into an album filled with folk- and country-based pop. The songs on which singer Danya LynnUptegrove takes lead vocal also have a jazzy lilt and soulful power. This feature of having two powerful vocalists recalls the kind of rich and varied sound shared by groups like Gomez and a band from the group’s hometown of Denver, The Fray. The song “Shebiy” also shows a distinctive jazz style and features piano and trumpet.

It would be wrong to pigeonhole Treehouse Sanctum as just another superb new Americana roots band. Many young bands produce excellent debuts and then falter with their sophomore effort. But this group has made a powerful mature recording. It will be interesting to see where the band goes from here.

Listen to Treehouse Sanctum’s new album, Vivere below.

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