Filming the Wasteland That’s Obama’s Legacy in Iraq

My film asks: Who are the most persecuted people on earth? What is America’s responsibility towards them? Why does Barack Obama have a Nobel Peace Prize?

We often look back with shame at the Holocaust. We remember especially stories of Jews who fled Nazi Europe, whom America turned away — and who ended up dying in camps.

Who are the most persecuted peoples on earth today? And what is America’s responsibility towards them? Why does Barack Obama carry the lifelong honor of a Nobel Peace Prize? Does he deserve it?

This documentary will ask these uncomfortable questions, and answer them in the stories of Christians and Yazidis persecuted by ISIS after President Obama pulled out U.S. troops and left Iraq in chaos. Our guides through this landscape of oppression, violence, and resistance will be an American filmmaker, a Swedish heart surgeon and a young Yazidi girl who was kidnapped by members of ISIS. Now they are campaigning to have a former U.S. president’s Nobel Peace Prize revoked.

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