Doxacon 2017: Geek Not Greek Orthodox Event for Sci-Fi Christians

My life as a Christian sci-fi geek is leading me to Doxacon 2017: Where Faith and Truth Meet Science Fiction and Fantasy.

Right off the bat, let me explain Doxacon 2017. It’s an event where Christian closet geeks (and those who wear their geekiness right out in the open) get together and discuss their love for fantasy and science fiction. Doxacon 2017 is scheduled August 18-19 in Washington DC.

Now rewind 60 years when I was just a young boy growing up in Brooklyn NY. It was all those years ago I discovered my love for fantasy and science fiction literature. In fact, it probably stems from actually growing up in Brooklyn.  Every Saturday, I would go to the movies for the matinee showings.

This started when I was seven years old and continued for many, many years. For 25 cents you would get a chapter of two different serials, a number of cartoons and 2 full length movies.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with serials, they were basically 3-hour movies divided into 20 minute segments with a cliffhanger situation ending each segment putting the hero or heroine into unbelievable peril which would be resolved at the beginning of the following week’s segment. Think of Star Wars as being an elongated serial.

Because of these Saturday afternoon excursions I also began to read voraciously. I discovered at a young age books such as Dracula, The Hobbit, The King Of Elfland’s Daughter and the various Greek and Norse mythologies.

Now fast forward 60 years — my wife and I are visiting the yearly festival at the local Greek Orthodox Cathedral with its excellent food, interesting music, and, inside the church itself, beauty unsurpassed. Being a total geek I inquired at the book stall as to whether there were anything on pop culture available from an orthodox perspective. Not sure was the response but we’ll get back to you.

The next morning in my e-mail was a link to Doxacon 2017. Apparently labeled as a “Geek not Greek Orthodox” gathering, Doxacon is happening in Washington DC, August 18-19 at the local Greek Orthodox Cathedral. It will have discussions on such topics and authors as GK Chesterton, CS Lewis, JRR Tolkien and such series as the Harry Potter books and films and Dr. Who in his various incarnations.

The website for the convention includes information on speakers, topics, registration and so forth. For more information, click here. Who knows maybe we’ll see each other there.

Now, because I am Grandfather Rock, after all, let me introduce you to some amazing music. The tract is called “Before the Ending of the Day” by The Revolutionary Army of the Infant Jesus.

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