The Best of the Best in Alternative Music This Month

Alternative rock emerged from the independent rock music underground of the 80s, gaining popularity in the 90s. The number of alt-rock bands has exploded.

For all you connoisseurs of alternative music, May and June have birthed some fantastic releases.

Here are a few of my top picks:

The Birthday Massacre’s Under Your Spell — is a bit of Phantogram and Muse but they have a style all their own. They got the title right, they’ll easily put you under their spell.

Matt and Sam’s Brother, My Brain Hurts A Lot — Nirvana-esque lyrics set to Mumford and Sons type music, their brains may hurt but my brain sure feels better when I listen to them.

Julia Holter’s, In the Same Room — With piano accompaniment that rivals Lady Gaga, Holter’s voice breaks into songs that seem to be written on the spot, but her sound does more than work for her, it keeps you craving more.

Land of Talk‘s After Youth — Reminiscent of the GoGo’s or the Cranberries. If you don’t know who those bands are, now worries , you’ll still come out enjoying their 80’s and 90’s sound revived for the new millennium.

Wilsen’s I Go Missing in My Sleep — Like listening to a soundtrack for then next Gus Van Sant film. Very ethereal and one to save for one of your nights in when you’re wanting to unwind, put down your devices and think about the melancholy past or the future ahead.

I’d love for anyone to throw some more alternative bands or singers my way in the comment section. I’m always up for hearing about bands or musicians I might not know about.

Check out Julia Holter’s In the Same Room.

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