NEELY Shares Exclusive Radio Edit of “Colorblind” with SCENES

With a powerful sound to match their lyrics, NEELY gives SCENES readers the first chance to hear a reworking of their song, “Colorblind.” Press play for this exclusive first listen.

After a long stretch of touring, NEELY couple Jeremy and Kaci decided to return to the studio to rework a song close to their hearts. “Colorblind,” originally an acoustic piece, came from an emotional message the Neelys heard at church about how what unites us is stronger than what divides. “That was probably one of the most powerful images of Jesus I’ve ever experienced in my life. Immediately the song started pouring from me,” Jeremy shares.

When fans and radio producers started asking for a “fully produced version,” NEELY knew that they had to rework the song. Since radio stations don’t generally play acoustic pieces and fans mused about a full band sound, NEELY agreed it was a great idea. “As an artist, my desire is to see my art come to a place of completion, and I never felt that the acoustic version brought out the full potential of the track,” Jeremy explains. “Colorblind” is ready for download on iTunes, GooglePlay, and Amazon.

The radio edit brings a new dimension of sound to the song, with electric guitar and a deeper bass and drum groove filling the track. Paired with Jeremy and Kaci’s sweet harmonies, the new release brings out the simple truth of the song’s message. “Everything changes, when we see what’s inside. Everything changes, when we become colorblind.”

After spending time in the studio to re-record “Colorblind,” NEELY found their creative juices overflowing. Jeremy is excited about where the band is heading. “This new edit of “Colorblind” has really been a catalyst for creativity and I have a lot of new material that is anywhere from concept to nearly complete.” NEELY fans can look forward to more from this passionate songwriting duo in the future.

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