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Jackson Emmer: A New Voice for Classic Country

A solo musician with a country soul, Jackson Emmer makes old country twang relevant again.

“I ain’t no Elvis, but I’m doing all right.” This line from artist Jackson Emmer’s song “Ain’t No Elvis” sums up the humble musician. He may have started playing guitar after hearing Jimi Hendrix, but Jackson Emmer’s style has migrated to the country side. His soulful strumming recalls classic country storytelling from Johnny Cash and Hank Williams (the original), but his clever lyrics resonate with today’s audience.

Jackson played his first set at age 16 at a small guitar shop in Colorado. By 18, he was sneaking into an establishment he wasn’t old enough to visit to jam with a local blues band. In college, Jackson discovered a passion for country and folk music. That’s when he also started writing his own music.

Albums and solo touring followed. In 2010 he released his own album and toured solo. From floors to couches, Jackson found himself a vagabond musician, writing original songs for his host in exchange for room and board. Around this time Jackson created the “Americana Music Series” at Justice Snow’s in Aspen, Colorado, which fortified his connection to classic country.

Now based in Asheville, North Carolina, Jackson is preparing to release a new solo acoustic album later this year. Jackson is a big proponent of the local music scene, with its eclectic mix of country, folk, rock and blues. He even promotes fellow artists on his website, sharing a Spotify playlist of what he calls the best of Asheville. His next solo album will be recorded by Asheville’s own Daniel Shearin from the band River Whyless and is produced by Boston-based artist Sam Moss.

For updates on the project, join his newsletter and follow Jackson on Instagram. A man of many talents, Emmer also has his own line of silkscreened shirts and tea-towels, which you can find, along with his music on his website jacksonemmer.com.

You can listen to Jackson share his witty country vocals and smooth guitar riffs for SCENES Live Sessions. Find us on Facebook to hear great artists like Jackson Emmer share their songs and their story every Friday at 12 PM EST.

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