Lady Gaga says about playing the Halftime Show at the Super Bowl, “I’m just going to do it my way.”

Lady Gaga hopes this performance will show people who think they are different from her that "our hearts are really the same."

In a pre-Super Bowl Game interview with Michael Strahan, Lady Gaga is beautiful, confident, humble and eloquent about her upcoming performance. She tells Strahan, “I’m really happy and inspired. The halftime show is a coveted event. It’s kind of the Mecca of shows. We have 13 minutes with the world, which is a long audience. It’s showtime.”

Lady Gaga went on to say that she watched every single halftime performance from the past in planning her own show for today’s Super Bowl Sunday halftime show. And while she got ideas from all the shows, she said she found particular inspiration from Michael Jackson’s and Bruce Springsteen’s individual shows.

She said she hopes that people watching who thinks they are different from her will see her as a kindred spirit after the performance.

“I hope to have the opportunity with this performance to show a different part of the country who think they are so different from me and my fans, they’ll see that our hearts are really the same.”

When asked what she hoped the audience would get out of her show today, she said she hopes everyone watching “just gets really lost in it.”

“I hope genuinely that when the halftime show begins you [people] get suspended in an alternate sense of reality in the world and for a moment can imagine something greater.”

Strahan said, “You started out in dive bars. You are about to perform at the halftime show at the Super Bowl. Do you get overwhelmed by that?”

“When I performed in dive bars, I performed like I was at the Garden. And when I play at NRG Stadium, I’m gonna play it like a dive bar. I’m just going to do it my way.”

What we can expect to see includes hundreds of drones and a possible surprise Beyoncé appearance. Beyoncé stopped the show with her appearance last year, and as a native of Houston and a collaberator on Lady Gaga’s tracks “Telephone” and “Videophone, it certainly makes sense. However, with Beyoncé’s recent announcement that she’s pregnant with twins, who knows.

According to CNN, Lady Gaga plans to wow fans at Houston’s NRG Stadium by lighting up the sky with a swarm of hundreds of aerial drones. It also appears that her stunts will include dropping in through the stadium’s roof! I think it’s safe to say, we will be wowed by this very talented and lovely performer.

For some pregame inspiration, enjoy Micahael Jackson’s Super Bowl performance from 1993.

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