Hear the music, Feel the Music, Believe in the Music

Music has gotten me through difficult times and elevated my spirit. When I do my show, I want to create a sonic tapestry that influences in a creative way.

The Grammy Awards aired on television last Sunday night. The commercials I saw prior to the Grammy’s didn’t inspire me. I simply went under the assumption that this year’s catch phrase is: “Believe In Music.” And I have to admit, I truly do believe in music. Other than my faith, music tends to be one of the primary focal points of my life. It has gotten me through many difficult times as well as elevating my spirit in times of delight.

Many times the flavor of my radio show is determined by the mood I am in. One of the great advantages of doing a free form radio show is that I can express my feelings through the tunes that I choose to play on the show. There have been times when I was feeling blue or even depressed and my song choices reflect that mood. There are times when I am almost overwhelmed with joy, and the tunes reflect that as well.

When on a Friday night or Sunday evening, I sit down in studio 2 at 88.1fm & WCWP.org, I don’t want to just do another radio show, I want to create a sonic tapestry that will influence people in a creative way. Last week I got a phone call from a first-time listener who askied about songs that I played from Dave Bainbridge and Dave Beegle. He had never heard of either of these artists and had fallen in love with the two particular songs the I played by them. To say that this made my week would be an understatement to say the least. If I can turn people onto new music that touches them in some way then this old radio DJ is one happy camper.

Those two songs were: “The Remembering” by Dave Bainbridge and “Currents” by Dave Beegle, both songs are from their current albums, be sure to check them out. Don’t forget never settle for second best, there is just too much amazing art out there to discover.

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