SCENES Unveils New Lunchtime Concert Series this Friday

SCENES Live Sessions is a new live lunchtime concert series broadcasted via SCENES FaceBook page. Mat Teofilo, also known as Songsbury, is our first featured artist.

SCENES Media is unveiling SCENES Live Sessions — a new live lunchtime concert series broadcasted through SCENES Facebook page on Friday, Jan. 27, at 12 noon with Songsbury as its first featured artist.

The concerts are designed to be short, with about three songs sung live from a variety of musical artists.

“These short concerts are a perfect compliment to a Friday afternoon lunch break,” said Hal Fickett, Social Media Director for SCENES Media. “We get to promote and hopefully even introduce some wonderful artists to our readers and followers. We are especially proud to kickoff our concert series this Friday with the incredibly talented Mat Teofilo who is simply known as Songsbury.”

An award-winning singer, pianist, songwriter and composer, Songsbury (Mat Teofilo) is a Toronto-based recording artist, producer and film composer. He has worked with some of the greats in the music industry including Madonna, Miley Cyrus and Diplo.

As an artist who is constantly growing and looking ahead, Songsbury is already creating and shaping the sound of tomorrow with his soulful blend of diverse musical tastes and experiences. Every performance brings audiences on a journey that is unlike any other, connecting them on a level that is beyond mere entertainment.

To fully understand the artist, all one needs to do is experience the art. Everything you want to know is sung in every lyric and played in every melody.

Mat’s new EP, also titled Songsbury is made up of six tracks.

John Sharpe wrote in Scene Magazine (London), said Songsbury is the ultimate one-man project. Not only did Teofolo write all of the tunes on the EP, he also produced, mixed, mastered all the songs as well. He said, “Songsbury showcases Teofolo’s light, airy voice and his knack for writing hook-filled pop tunes.”

The last song on the EP (Last Goodbye) is a hauntingly beautiful song that breaks your heart. It features guitarist Robert DiBartolomeo. Enjoy it here and join us Friday at noon for SCENES Live Sessions where Songsbury will perform three songs from his EP which can be found on: iTunes, SpotifyAmazonYouTube.

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