First Lady - Melania Trump

America’s Most Prestigious Modern Royal

The Former Model Who Just Became Our White House-Role Model

Let’s all forget about the drama and the negativity in the universe for a bit and just relive the moment when another model became America’s First Lady.

Melania Trump, a former model, has taken on the most prestigious role in America. This one is definitely not going to be a cake-walk or should I say runway-walk. The 46 year old, Slovenia born, model may not have much experience in politics, but that isn’t an issue because, quite frankly, everyone is tired of politics now. She has already given us a glimpse of what her focus as First Lady will be. She is going to help women and children and also combat cyber-bullying…which is something that vastly needs tackled.

First Lady Trump has a moderately long modeling history, so here is what we know. Melania apparently began modeling at age 5, started in commercials at 16, and at 18, she signed with a modeling agency in Milan, Italy. She modeled for fashion houses in both Milan and Paris. After her immigration to the US, she appeared on several magazine covers such as; In Style Weddings, Vogue, Vanity Fair (Italy) and the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, just to name a few.

As a model and before Melania and Donald Trump’s marriage, she was associated with Trump Model Management, founded in 1999. This is entertaining, because both were unknowing that they would go from model/model management founder to President/First Lady, in 18 years. The “White House” talk did come into play, also in 1999, when Melania was asked by The New York Times, what her role would be if Donald Trump were to become president. Melania simply answered saying; “I would be very traditional. Like Betty Ford or Jackie Kennedy.” ….and she definitely did just that by channeling a Jackie Kennedy style, blue dress. It was clearly a traditional statement to wear such a flawless, presidential outfit. She completely stole the spotlight and stunned the crowds.

~Fun Facts~

-Melania became an official U.S. citizen in 2006, after having obtained a green card and becoming a lawful permanent resident 5 years prior.

-Trump Model Management was not only associated with Melania, but also worked with Paris Hilton-who was signed to the company in the early 2000’s, and apparently still supports Donald Trump, the founder, after being questioned who she voted for. Way to go Paris…sticking with friends for life.

Here’s to a graceful 4 years of a new modern royal-role model..or a new role of confidence for a former model. You decide.

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