people are awesome

People Do Wonderfully Impossible and Impossibly Wonderful Things!

We cringe, we hold our breaths and we're left scratching our heads thinking, how did they do that?

People People People!! Are you crazy? Nuts? Are you insane? What were you thinking when you pulled that stunt? It was impossibly wonderful. Or maybe it was wonderfully impossible. We’re not sure. We’re still shaking our heads!

People amaze us everyday with their prowess, their cunning, their daring, and, do I have to say it, their stupidity? They do impossible things! How? More importantly, why?

Because they can! And they make it look easy! The rest of us sit back, cringe, hold our breaths and wonder incredulously, how do people do the things they do? They are amazing! They are awesome! We love their spirit and we love watching them perform incredible feats that simply blow our minds!

So buckle up everybody. Here are the People Are Awesome best videos of 2016. And remember, just breathe.

Huge thanks to everyone who submitted videos this year and to OneRepublic for the perfect soundtrack.

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