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Pure Flix Leads the Way in Family-Friendly Digital Streaming Services

There’s been an increasing need for conscientious families to find a safer, more uplifting alternative. The answer is Pure Flix.

With network TV pushing the limits of “family-friendly” and services like Netflix and Hulu producing content racy enough to rival Cinemax, there’s been an increasing need for conscientious families to find a safer, more uplifting alternative. The answer is Pure Flix.

You may be familiar with movies like God is Not Dead and Woodlawn, both of which were produced by Pure Flix, but it’s actually much more than a movie studio. They have an extensive online streaming service, similar to Netflix but with one key difference. All of the films and shows they produce and curate for this service are inspirational, educational and truly family-friendly.

They recognize the power that Hollywood has to shape culture through entertainment and so they strive to “influence the global culture for Christ through media.” They are invested in producing movies that point to Christ, providing an entertainment hub that’s safe and edifying for the whole family, and even providing additional resources to support Christian family education.

This year, they’ve established a homeschool initiative to provide educational documentaries that can easily be incorporated into science, history and government curriculum. Greg Gudorf, CEO of Pure Flix Digital, says “for the past six months, we’ve listened to what homeschool families have told us about the support they need to enhance their homeschooling efforts. Based on that feedback, we decided to launch this initiative and use our videos to help them and their children.”

Homeschoolers can sign up for this free initiative and receive weekly suggestions for educational curriculum. They will also have access to thousands of educational documentaries.

Although the films they produce are intentionally Christ-centered, the shows and movies available through their streaming service include a broader range of clean, uplifting content. There are Bible stories like Esther and Daniel available, mixed in with classics like The Dick Van Dyke Show, and contemporary sci-fi suspense flicks like The Hunters.

The kids section contains a huge selection of movies and series ranging from The Little Rascals to Veggie Tales. Their featured animated series Friends and Heroes, set in 1st Century Rome, also has an accompanying homeschooling curriculum. Their kids’ titles are subcategorized by age range which makes it easy to find something appropriate for a particular child.

So there’s still hope for families out there looking for an edifying media outlet. Pure Flix is dedicated to serving families through wholesome entertainment and educational resources. And they’re regularly expanding their streaming library.

[Editor’s Note: Scenes is a Pure Flix affiliate.]

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