Lego’s “Go Rogue” & More – A Serving of Geek Side Salad

Happy Weekend.  I’ve rounded up some fresh geekiness from the interwebs for your browsing pleasure.

Go Rogue

lego rogue one

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Have you seen any of the Lego Rogue One mini episodes?  Because they’re hilarious.  The fan videos give an entertaining back story for Rogue and carry the witty action of the Lego games and spoofs.  The final video just came out, but this page has all four so you can catch up—or watch again for a Jedi mind break.


Marvel at This

Dr Strange

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Here’s a fascinating interview with Benedict Cumberbatch going in-depth into his Doctor Strange persona.  He has an American accent for this gig and stayed in character with the press.  Cumberbatch talks how he got into the mind of the doctor and what tantalized him about the script.  Read all the details here.


Pirates Ahoy

Pirates of the Caribbean 5

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Oh, and there’s finally a teaser trailer for the next Pirates of the Caribbean movie: Dead Men Tell No Tales.  We don’t get to see Jack—which is frustrating—but we get a small hint at the plot and some nostalgic undead seafarers.


Geek Couture Cosplay Fashion

Photo Credit: Kelsey Edwards Photography

Photo Credit: Kelsey Edwards Photography

I love the way cosplay has evolved to encompass creative interpretations that suggest a character.  The Her Universe Fashion Show at Comic Con featured evolved geek couture.  I’ve found a cache of pictures here that are both stunning and inspiring.


Top Comics Last Month

Comic Pulse Top 10 September 2016 - Black Panther

Book Riot features a monthly blog by Jake Shapiro, from Fantom Comics, a D.C. (as in the capital city, not the company) shop.  Fans of Stranger Things may be surprised by #3.


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