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6 Mind Bending Reasons to Get Excited for Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange will open a new door for the Marvel cinematic universe, delving into parallel dimensions and straight up magic.  What’s so enticing about this film is the contrast between the gritty combat world of the Avengers and all their respective movies and the cerebral mind journey of Strange.  It’s no coincidence Steven Strange was a neurosurgeon.  The film plays on themes of the power of the mind and its unknown abilities.  The film adaptation starring Benedict Cumberbatch will open on November 4, continuing the overarching story of how the Marvel heroes protect Earth.

  1. Doctor Strange Has More Abilities Than Can Fit on an Action Figure Box

Astral projection, dimensional travel, magic wielding, energy projection and manipulation, telekinesis, illusion-casting…and this is just the short list.  The closest anyone else comes to a myriad of powers like these are the dynamic duo Thor and Loki and more recent mutant-turned Avenger Scarlet Witch.  Strange is a full out sorcerer with the powers to rival Harry Potter.

  1. The Comic Book Back Story is Lord of the Rings Appendices Epic

I spent the good part of an evening reading a wiki on this guy and I don’t know how the scriptwriter’s processed all the story arcs enough to condense it.  This guy’s gained and lost and regained his powers more than Deadpool’s eaten tacos, defeated almost every magical entity that pops into the “earth dimension,” and done some charity medical work on the side.  Strange has made multiple forays into the “Dark Dimension” as well as other universes.   Oh, and he turned his brother into a vampire.

  1. The Film is Going to Be a Bit “Trippy” in True Comic Book Style

Well that’s what Kevin Feige said of the film’s visuals in an interview.  Is it really a coincidence that this comic was first drawn in the 60’s?  Feige says they’ve been able to bring to life the mind-bending and out there imagery of the comics.  Glimpses of the CG sequences in preview clips look Jackson Pollock-inspired double helixes.

  1. Doctor Strange Will Be in More Movies Than His Own

Strange became an Avenger, along with about twenty other comic brotherhoods he joined.  It’s a safe bet he’ll turn up in the next Avengers film to help put down Thanos.  I wonder how Cap will react to a sorcerer.  Well, they’re both New Yorkers so they’ve got that going for them.  But Strange has a wife who’s queen of a dark dimension so, you know, things might get awkward in the introductions.  Strange may even pop up in Thor Ragnarok for a quick bit, as some set  stalkers have pointed out based on an itty-bitty detail on a business card.

  1. Doctor Strange and Spiderman are Kinda BFFs

Though it’s a stretch to think this may be featured on screen, it’s a fun backstory to think about.  Once when they were fighting together, Spidey showed his super-sensitive and altruistic side, and the good Doctor was quite impressed.  They fought together to save earth on multiple occasions because golly, earth just can’t keep itself from being attacked by evil beings bent on domination and destruction.  Word on the street is Strange is being pretty aloof lately and won’t answer Parker’s texts.  At least, that’s the latest from the comic book world.

  1. Stephen Strange is a Timelord

I know all the Whovian fans are thinking this.  He can travel through time and space, and he’s called Doctor. Come on.  Ok, fine, he’s called Sorcerer Supreme when he wields his powers, but I can imagine in my fan fiction dreams, him meeting up with the TARDIS for tea now and then.  I love the idea of time and space and even inter-dimensional travel being a part of the Marvelverse with the onset of Doctor Strange.  Who doesn’t love a good romp through time and space?


Ignore the shameless IMAX plug and this is a really cool featurette.

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  • This looks great! Definitely more “out there” than some of the other Marvel characters, but I bet it’ll be a visual feast.

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