Pete's Dragon

“Pete’s Dragon” Inspires Wonder

A heart-warming and awe-inspiring movie at summer's end

Disney’s cinematic marvel, Pete’s Dragon, has pleased critics and families alike, providing a heart-warming and awe-inspiring movie for the end of summer.

Richard Brody reviewed the film for The New Yorker, saying “it is filled with quiet joy and simple wonder. The movie is a fantasy about the friendship, in the wild, of a boy and a dragon—and the duo’s unexpected confrontation with ordinary human company—and Lowery anchors that fantasy in practical and inconvenient details, which tether the magical realm to the material one. In a stealthily audacious way, Lowery has made a sort of neorealist fantasy, in which potentially nonsensical whimsy turns out to make a lot of sense.”

Screenrant also approves of the remake’s approach. “Where the original Pete’s Dragon is a whimsical romp full of cartoony villains, plucky heroes, and fanciful song-and-dance numbers, the 2016 re-telling is a decidedly quieter and atmospheric take on the familiar narrative about a boy and his loyal companion – and variations on that theme (see Disney/Pixar’s The Good Dinosaur, for example). Fortunately, that approach works. Pete’s Dragon succeeds as a dramatic reimagining of its predecessor – giving rise to a soulful modern fairy tale in the process.”

Here’s what a few others have to say…

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