No, Sister Parish Was Not a Nun

Sister Parish decorated Jackie and John Kennedy’s Georgetown townhouse, and they later asked her to do the family quarters at the White House. She claims they didn’t pay all their bills! When a newly married Duchess of York asked her to decorate her new home, Buckingham Palace canceled her commission. Having Sister Parish was way too expensive for British royalty.

“At the start of a decorating project, and sometimes years after it was completed, she would arrive at their home and take the client’s tea cart — in those days everyone of a certain social standing had at least one — and go from room to room packing it with all of the decorative objects that didn’t pass muster.”

A descendent of a signer of the Declaration of Independence as well as Puritan preacher Cotton Mather, Sister Parish followed their lead as an influential and talented woman ahead of her time. Read more about her on this link at 1stdibs.

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