Down Syndrome People Gain Voice in BBC3 Special

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There’s no need to talk to a person with Down syndrome like they’re a child, thank you very much. In this lighthearted video by BBC Three, people with Down syndrome dispel the common myths about living with DS.

Misconceptions about Down syndrome are prevalent in the US as well. So much so that the National Down Syndrome Society has put together a comprehensive list of myths versus truths. Here are just a few:

“MYTH: People with Down syndrome cannot be active members of their community.

TRUTH: People with Down syndrome are active participants in educational, social and recreational activities. They are included in the typical education system and take part in sports, music, art programs and any other activities in the community. People with Down syndrome are valued members of their families and communities, and make meaningful contributions to society.

MYTH: Adults with Down syndrome are unable to form close interpersonal relationships leading to marriage.

TRUTH: People with Down syndrome socialize and have meaningful friendships. Some choose to date, maintain ongoing relationships and marry.

MYTH: Adults with Down syndrome are unemployable.

TRUTH: Businesses employ adults with Down syndrome for a variety of positions – in banks, corporations, hotels, hospitals, nursing homes, offices and restaurants. They work in the music and entertainment industry, in clerical positions, childcare, the sports field and the computer industry, to name a few. Like anybody else, people with Down syndrome want to have a job where their work will be valued.”

In the comment section of the BBC Three Facebook video, a viewer name Anna Marie said, “I hate it when someone says ‘Aww they’re such lovely people’. Like somehow all people with downs syndrome have the exact same personality.”

Hopefully, this video has already helped to change perceptions.

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