“Dark” Times Ahead for Sherlock Season 4

Will this be the series last season? And how evil will this season's villain, Tobey Jones, turn out to be?

Another season of the cult favorite turned phenomenon, BBC’s Sherlock will resume in January 2017.  Both actors and writers from the show promise a dynamic season four of the acclaimed modern adaptation of Doyle’s classic Sherlock Holmes.

Benedict Cumberbatch and company are set to return in what writer Steven Moffat calls an “explicitly darker season.”

Some speculate this season may be the last, and both Moffat and co-writer/actor Mark Gatiss are characteristically non-committal.  They seem to think at least one more season is “percolating” but chorused that ending a series while it was still chugging like a moving train would be the best type of finale.

Both Cumberbatch and the writers agreed that this season’s villain played by Tobey Jones would be downright evil and that the series will take a bleaker turn than any of the previous seasons.

Cumberbatch also shared that he relishes both the familiarity of Sherlock’s quirks and the growth he makes toward being a bit more socialized thanks to Watson.  He thinks Sherlock’s internal struggle with Moriarity will continue to plague the brilliant detective and the trailer hints that this will both help and hurt the most famous resident of Baker Street.

Hopefully, Moffat and Gatiss will keep this BBC train moving for many seasons to come, but at least we get another season of Sherlock and Watson as the newest British invasion in the New Year.

Enjoy the teaser trailer until then.

Here’s the meaty interview.

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  • I love this show, though I’m a little nervous about the darker turn. The brilliant acting and delightful twists and turns keep me coming back. Hopefully, they’ll continue the series beyond Season 4.

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